91Sensors is a China based technology company, specializing in design and production of high-precision inclinometer, tilt switch, GPS-IMU and other sensors to measure devices in motion.

The sensors, integrated accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, GPS, IMU, Bluetooth module, built-in high performance MCU using dynamic solver, digital filtering, Kalman filtering algorithm, can accurately measure and output acceleration, angular velocity, angular velocity, magnetic field, pressure and other data of devices in motion. With these data, it is possible to get the real-time attitude of moving devices, then precisely control its motion.

The sensors are highly accurate, extremely reliable, and can be applied to AHRS , motion sensing games, augmented reality devices, electronic Image stabilization, satellite tracking, combat equipment, underwater navigation, marine measurement, unmanned aerial vehicle, optical range finder, robots, agriculture machinery, Internet of Things, electric control, engineer machinery, medical machinery, geology monitors and etc.

Focus makes 91Sensors to be a professional company in motion measurement industry, and enable it to design and make high accurate sensors with fantastic reliability. As China based company, 91Sensors has advantages in supply chain, and already built a good supply chain with low cost and high efficiency.

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, 91Sensors offers a full set of support service, including software, app, wiki and community. With a professional development team of experienced engineers and experts, 91Sensors is able to offer custom sensors service and solution for customers who have special requirement.

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