9-axis Digital Inclinometer Sensor Magnetometer Gyroscope Quaternion Barometer Accelerometer Bluetooth

9-axis Digital Inclinometer Sensor Magnetometer Gyroscope Quaternion Barometer Accelerometer Bluetooth


  • Model NoBWT901C
  • Voltage3.3-5V
  • OutputTTL/Bluetooth
  • AccelerationXYZ,±2,4,8,16G
  • Angular Velocity RangeXYZ 2000°/S
  • Angle RangeX±180° Y±90° Z
  • Angle AccuracyXY(0.05) Z 1°
  • Magnetic FieldYes
  • QuaternionYes
  • Barometric AccuracyNo
  • GPSNo
  • Max Transmission Rate200Hz
  • Extended InterfaceNo
  • ApplicationStatic and dynamic environment
  • Waterproof 

9-axis digital inclinometer sensor,integrated high accuracy gyroscope, quaternion, magnetometer, bluetooth and accelerometer, is able to output accurate acceleration XYZ,±2,4,8,16G, angular velocity range XYZ 2000°/S, magnetic field and angle range X±180°Y±90°, its angle accuracy reachs XY(0.05) Z drift.

The 9-axis inclinometer sensor is well-designed and good finished, small but powerful, you can easily install it within seconds under the instruction of product documents. It works together with the electronic control system of movable devices, helps you measure and control its movement.

With integrated gyroscope, the 9-axis inclinometer sensor is able to get and output accurate roll yaw pitch data of rotating objects.

1.Dynamic angle measurement accuracy up to 0.05 degree
2.Highest output rate up to 100Hz
3.High accuracy accelerometer
4.High accuracy gyroscope
5.High accuracy barometer
6.High accruacy magnetometer
7.High accurate Kalman filter
8.Powerful MCU with Dynamic Solver/State Estimation
9.Data and output rate is customizable
10.Specially designed gold PCB layout and strict quality control
11.As small and thin as nail

What you can get:
1.9-axis digital inclinometer sensor 
2.Product documents
3.Windows software for host computer
4.Android app source code
5.SMT32 serial port and STM32IIC code sample
6.Arduino serial and IIC library 
7.51 serial code sample
8.Visual studio 2010 serial port and C# serial port code sample
9.Community support

Not meet your requirements? 
To ensure your 100% satisfaction: 
1.We have stronger attitude sensors
2.We offer customization service for all our product



Measuring range   ±05 ±10 ±15  
Measuring axis   X, Y X Y X Y  
Resoluition   0.0001 0.0001 0.0001  
Absolute accuracy   0.001 0.005 0.006  
Long termstability   0.002 0.003 0.005  
Zero temperature coefficient -40~85° ±0.0008 ±0.0008 ±0.0008 °/℃
Sensitivity temperature coefficient -40~85° ≤50 ≤50 ≤50 ppm/℃
Power on time   0.3 0.3 0.3 S
Response time   0.05 0.05 0.05 S
Output rate 5Hz、15Hz、35Hz、50Hz can be set
Out signal CAN open
Electromagnetic compatibility According to EN61000 and GBT17626
MTBF ≥50000hours / times
Insulation Resistance ≥100M
Shockproof 100g@11ms、imes/Axis(half sinusoid)
Anti-vibration 10grms、10~1000Hz
Protection glass IP67
Cables Standard 1M length、wearproof、wide temperature、Shielded cables4*0.4mm2 air-plug connector
Weight 150g(without cable )




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